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You are the car owner but are worried with the psychology: "Buying insurance is easy but getting insurance is very difficult?" Do not worry about that when you come to car insurance Automobile of Dang Hong Phat Co., Ltd.

We offer a variety of insurance packages, suitable for each type of vehicle and long-term needs and prestige.

Car insurance is the safest protection for your vehicle

With the advantage of available garage repair more than 2.000m2 with a team of copper workers, paint, electricity, machine, skilled. Dang Hong Phat Company is the official agent providing insurance, civil liability of motor vehicles and car insurance of leading insurance companies in Vietnam such as Bao Viet, Bao Minh, Bao Long , Post Insurance, Insurance Saigon - Hanoi ...

As soon as there is a problem, you will be guided caring to handle the situation for the best benefit and bring your car to Gara Dang Hong Phat, you will be repaired quickly without any additional cost. Any other.

Receive vehicle status and carry out repairs

Maximum cost savings

We are always ready to be your trusted friend, on every path.


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