Trụ sở: 718/21 Quốc lộ 13, P. Hiệp Bình Phước, Q.Thủ Đức, HCM, VN
Impressive results of Vietnam tourism in the first 9 months

In the first nine months of this year, the tourism industry achieved positive results, of which the number of international visitors to Vietnam was nearly 11.7 million (up 22.9% over the same period in 2017) The Domestic tourists are estimated at 62.1 million (of which 30.2 million visitors are staying); Total revenue from tourists reached VND451,200 billion (up 20% y / y).
To achieve this result, the industry has implemented solutions to maintain the growth rate of international and domestic tourists; To implement the Government's Action Program to implement the Politburo's Resolution No. 08-NQ / TW on tourist development, thus becoming a spearhead economic branch; popularizing the Law on Tourism and its guiding documents; Developing the Vietnam Tourism Development Strategy to 2030 with a vision to 2050; Implementing the preparations for the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) 2019 and Travex Fair.
Continue to promote tourism promotion activities in markets; successfully organizing domestic fairs; Signing a cooperation agreement with VTV3, VNPT, VnTrip ... In addition, the linkage between the local and the region is promoted, resulting in positive results, contributing. The development of tourism areas in Vietnam is evident.
In particular, at the World Tourism Awards in Asia and Australia held in early September in Hong Kong (China), Vietnam Tourism has been honored to receive the Top Travel Destination Europe Asia (Asia's Leading Destination).
In the last 3 months of the year, the tourism sector will continue to strive to maintain the growth of international and domestic tourists, achieving the goal set in 2018, welcoming and serving about 15.7 million visitors nationwide. 80-82 million inbound tourists; Total revenue from tourists reached 620 trillion VND.
Accordingly, the tourism industry will continue to implement measures to maintain the growth rate of international tourists and domestic visitors, striving to achieve the targets set in 2018. At the same time to submit to the Prime Minister for approval of the project including the Tourism Development Assistance Fund, the Vietnam Tourism Development Strategy up to 2030 with a vision to 2050, the Scheme on Promoting the Public Effectiveness of Promoting Tourism. Strongly exploit source markets through promotion and tourism promotion activities; launching the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) and Travex Fair; deploying the task of promoting Vietnam tourism on the media, applying the 4.0 technology in managing and promoting tourism; Focusing on the state management of cheap tour management, travel business, tour guide ...
At the press conference noted the reporter's questions related to the contents such as cheap tour management, adventure tourism, destination management work, effective organization of the National Tourism Year, International visitors to Vietnam ... with the participation of leaders of Tourism Administration, leaders of departments and units under the General Department of Tourism.
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